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Annual Gifts


#1 Community Service

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Annual gifts make a difference. By giving each and every year to Indiana State, you are helping to establish a culture of Sycamores who give back to the institution. You can be a partner in our engaging, challenging and supportive learning environment inside the classroom and beyond. All it take is your support – at any amount, every year, and always.

Not only is your gift a tax deduction, but also contributes to our growth and success. From providing the most essential needs through The Fund for Indiana State to enhancing resources for today’s students and programs, annual gifts are important in helping the University become a top institution in the state and region.

Imagine the collective impact if our more than 100,000 alumni gave just $10 each year. This level of annual giving to the University would contribute to all things that make Indiana State an accessible, affordable and diverse institution. Learn more about The Fund for Indiana State annual campaign.

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