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Faculty and Staff Campaign

2018 Faculty and Staff Campaign


Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to urge you to join me in participating in this year’s Faculty/Staff Campaign at Indiana State University.  As you may know, the theme for the campaign is “State is Family, State is Giving”.

We selected the theme to provide focus and emphasis to the view that while Indiana State University is comprised of many individuals-we are bound together as “family” dedicated to something greater than ourselves-our mission of teaching and learning and the creation of knowledge, and to prepare productive citizens for Indiana and the world.  As a family we also have a history of “giving” whether it be our time, our talent, or our treasury to support the University’s mission.

My personal and professional view is that giving is a “value proposition”-we give to what we truly value and are passionate about.  In my case I will be giving to the “Michael L. Phillips Student Emergency Loan Fund” because I wish to be a small part of insuring that no student putting forth the effort has to drop out of ISU!  I encourage you to give, at whatever level you are comfortable with to an area of our learning community which you are most passionate about and which reflects your value set.

In closing, please be apprised that the Foundation experienced a 16.4 percent increase in calendar year 2017 and bested our benchmark by 150 basis points.  I am confident our relatively new investment advisor and the Investment Committee of the Foundation Board is managing our endowments and total assets in a prudent manner, and that we will continue to demonstrate strong results.

Thank you for all you do to make Indiana State University a very special place-your efforts and your contributions provide the foundation for our students to start their life’s journey in a most productive way!


Doug Smith

Interim Vice-President for Development

and CEO Indiana State University Foundation