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Mission, Vision and Values

As the gift receiving organization for Indiana State University, we inspire stake holders to become lifelong philanthropic partners with the University.  Established in 1928 for the purpose of maximizing private support for Indiana State University, the Foundation’s sole function is to promote the welfare of Indiana State University.

Mission Statement

To secure and preserve private resources for the betterment of Indiana State University and its students, while providing donors with opportunities to witness and experience the results of their philanthropy.

Core Values

Mission Driven – to be a guardian of Indiana State University’s future through prudent asset management and growing its endowment.

Integrity – meeting fiduciary obligations by conducting its business in ethical and responsible ways, and being accountable to all partners.

Relationships – a commitment to enhancing trust, respect, diversity and inclusiveness.

Transparency – in all we do, to build and hold the trust of our stakeholders.

Service – a practice of performing to a standard that is always exceptional.