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Chair's Message

Dear fellow alumni and friends of ISU,Tome Bareford ISU Foundation Board of Directors

On behalf of the ISU Foundation board members, I want to thank our donors for their support through their charitable gifts. Your generosity allows us to change lives. 

This year’s freshmen class is larger than any other in our history. Our total enrollment has again increased to record levels. There is a reason our numbers are growing. High school students, their parents and guidance counselors are increasingly aware that ISU doesn’t just teach classes. At ISU, we change lives.

For the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to be on campus a great deal of time. The young people who are entering as freshmen don’t often look like we did. They don’t even talk like we did. But, at the core, they are just like we were. They predominately come from hard working and loving families. Often times, they are first in their family to attend college. They are over achievers who are answering the challenge to learn, mature and grow. They come to us because, at ISU, we change lives.

Two of our children graduated from ISU. To paraphrase both:

ISU was somehow simply different from other universities we visited. Later, as students, ISU classroom work was challenging and important, but we were also expected to recognize our responsibility to our community, help others achieve their goals and grow as a person. It was required of us.

As graduating seniors they both were very different people than they were as entering freshmen. At ISU, we changed lives...

ISU drives these experiences as a direct result of your help. Our students sometimes come from both economic slices where parents earn too much money for the students to qualify for government assistance, or too little for parents to be able to afford to send their children off to college. Students often have to help financially earn their education. As a result of your support, ISU is able to offer various scholarship programs, internal and external internships, internal co-op programs and on-campus employment. 

Students have the opportunity for an enriched collegiate experience and a high quality education at ISU. We provide them with in-class assignments that build their practical knowledge and provide hands on experience that will serve them well after graduation. Those programs are only made possible through your generosity. Through your support, ISU will continue to change lives.


Tom Bareford, '64
Chair, ISU Foundation Board of Directors