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Named President's Scholarship

The following President’s Scholarships have been provided through the philanthropy of alumni and friends of the University. Because of their generosity, one Presidential Scholar is able to receive an undergraduate degree and be a part of the Honors Program.

Michael and Amy Alley Endowed President’s Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Alethia Marrero

Senior | Political Science | Indianapolis, IN

Scholarship Donors: Mr. Michael and Mrs. Amy Alley


Boulet President’s Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Tanner Smith

Junior | Operations and Supply Chain Management | Fishers, IN

Scholarship Donors: Mr. Larry and Mrs. Elizabeth Boulet


Doris M. Dailey President’s Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Kayla Dunnigan

Junior | Nursing | Terre Haute, IN

Scholarship Donors: Dr. Sheron J. Dailey and Mr. Thomas Tucker


Louis E. Dailey, Jr. President’s Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Joshua Bruce

Freshman | Business Education | Zionsville, IN

Scholarship Donors: Dr. Sheron J. Dailey and Mr. Thomas Tucker


Einstandig Endowed President’s Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Katie Sullivan

Sophomore | Business Administration | Kansas City, MO

Scholarship Donors: Mr. Jerry* and Mrs. Jo Einstandig


Hal and Elizabeth Kesler Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Makayla Herring

Sophomore | Insurance and Risk Management | West Terre Haute, IN

Scholarship Donors: Mr. Hal and Mrs. Elizabeth Kesler*


Herbert and Bernice Lamb Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Bo Turner

Junior | Marketing | Terre Haute, IN

Scholarship Donors: Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Bernice Lamb*


Patricia S. and Spiro B. Mitsos President’s Scholar

Scholarship Recipient: Aaron Schaidle

Senior | Nursing | Peroria, IL

Scholarship Donors: Dr. Spiro and Mrs. Patricia Mitsos


Margaret I. Reed Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Olamide Adebogun

Junior | Pre-Med | Dolton, IL

Scholarship Donor: Ms. Margaret Reed*


W. Max Stark Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient: Benjamin Vertenley

Sophomore | Professional Aviation Flight Technology | Calabasas, CA

Donor: Mr. Max Stark*


B. Curtis and Leslie Wilkinson Presidential Scholarship Endowment

Recipient: Hanna Mann

Sophomore | Nursing | Cloverdale, IN 

Donors: Mr. Curt and Mrs. Leslie Wilkinson


*denotes deceased donors